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Get PHP workshop from the basics through live demonstration and interactive classes. We will provide PHP workshop with demonstration to sharpen your web development skills.

This 5-Days workshop by Consoldude will give you a deep overview of professional  PHP web development and the popular Codeigniter framework. This workshop will introduce you to the very basic PHP elements in the beginning and gradually you will learn to develop database-driven web applications perfectly.

In this workshop, the CodeIgniter, which is the best and most popular MVC Framework based on PHP. You'll learn how the work of MVC pattern step-by-step.


Introduction to Scripting & Dynamic Websites

Introduction to Open Source

Installation of XAMPP and WAMPP

PHP Programming Basics

Embedding PHP in HTML

Introduction to PHP Variable, Operators

if, else if and else if conditions


while Loop, do Loop, for Loop

PHP Functions & Array

Form: Get & Post Method

Setting Cookies, deleting Cookies

Dates and Times

Introduction to Database - SQL, MySQL Database

Basic Concepts of Codeigniter

Controllers, Views, Models, Helpers, Libraries, Using Static Files

Using the Database

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