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This 'Go Live' training will be provided by App development professionals. It is coupled with live projects to lead you to teach you cutting-edge mobile app development technology.

Android App Development training mainly focuses on building your own Android Application. Every essential knowledge of Android App programming will be provided by our expert instructors. You only need a strong will to quickly understand the concept of android app development. To keep everything easy for everyone, the Training will begin with the basics of designing and building both simple and complex layouts. After the initial concept of android app development, We will begin with building

The Android Application Development training will provide aspirants technical training on the concepts and programming methodologies required to develop applications for mobile devices. Participants will learn to use different android libraries. The span of this Training will be 10 days, with five hours session each day. The Training will include both theory and practice sessions. Participants will be able to develop their own Android applications

various android applications and come up with new application ideas. Let our expert at ConsoleDude show you how to build and maintain Android Applications.

Go Live

Introduction to the Android

Understanding the Building Environment for Android

Programming languages intro: Java and XML

What is Front-End and Back-End environment Designing

Front-end through XML Designing

Backend through JAVA Practicing various design Layouts

Understanding Layouts

What are Layouts and Widgets?

Working with various layouts: Linear, Relative, Table,

Frame Working with various Widgets: Text-View, Edit-Text, Buttons, and Image-Views etc.

Introduction to Intents

Understanding Notifications

What is Toast?

Dialog and Alert-Dialog

What is action-bar Notification?

Developing Applications

Splash Screen Application

Music Player Application

SMS Application Camera

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