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Social Media Marketing

Begin this Social Media Marketing training with Console Dude Indore to use it to manage & improve your online presence.

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Master all aspects of Social Media Marketing!

What Will I Learn?

  • Basics of Social Media
  • Understand how Social Media Marketing works
  • Brand building using different Social Media plattoforms
  • How to Design an Effective Marketing Strategy for Social Media
  • Understand the basics of Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging


  • Desire to learn Social Media to help your Business and Professional Needs


Eager to know the power of social media and how social media become the biggest medium of marketing. Join our course of Social Media Marketing (SMM) to learn the how social media works. This Course is intended to give you a thorough knowledge of Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

What does this course present you?

  • Introduction to social media
  • Auditing your organization
  • Create effective Social Media strategy
  • Monitor social media
  • Content Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Google+ marketing
  • Blogging

Who is the target audience?

  • Who wants to build brand on social media
  • People who are interested in social media marketing
  • People who want to promote their own Business on Social Media
  • Student who want to learn business and marketing Management
  • People who want to Promote New Business on Social Media
  • Professionals who Learn Social Media Marketing  to get better Career Prospects
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