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PHP & Framework

Learn how to code and become an expert in PHP web development with this PHP & Framework training in Indore.

What Will I Learn?
PHP basic like Syntax, Quotes, Comments etc, 
PHP Identifiers, Functional & System Basics, How to use PHP Database
Submit data to databases using forms
How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page
You will learn about sessions
Create clean URL's and remove the .php from files
Learn about Model View Controller (MVC)
Learn the basics of CodeIgniter
Learn about MVC based frameworks

Basic Understanding of PHP OOP

The PHP is a very popular language that one should lean to begin in web development. There are also lots of technology came in web development but learning PHP still worth it. If you want to become a web developer or seeking a new technology to learn to speed-up the process of web development then learning PHP is a must. It is very easy to learn PHP with any PHP training course to gradually begins learning the advanced MVC based frameworks like CodeIgniter. Learning CI is must to shapen your web development skills.

Take this PHP & Framework training course to learn PHP from the basics. We have created this course for beginners and working professionals to get essential and additional knowledge of PHP and MVC based frameworks.

Topics Covered

PHP & Framework

Welcome to the MVC World

Introduction to CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Controller

HTML Pages and Forms

CodeIgniter Model


Setting up a CodeIgniter Site

Using CI to Simplify Databases

Simplifying Sessions

E-Shoping using CodeIgniter

CAPTCHA Using CodeIgniter

Simplifying Classes

Hooks &ndash

Extending the Framework Core

How CI Helps to Dynamic Information

Using CI Handle Files &


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