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Take thisJava course to understand fundamentals & essential concepts of Java. Get the best Java training in Indore.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic and advanced concepts of Java
  • How to write programs in Java
  • Advanced concepts like Generic, Serialization, Data Structures, Collections etc.


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer.
  • Basic Knowledge of Programming.



The Core Java Online Training by Consoledude is a 3 weeks training program on concepts of Basic Java, Java Classes, and Graphics. In this training, you will make a computer application based on Java. You will develop applications such as a scientific calculator, which can perform functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, square root, trigonometry, etc. This project will involve all the basic concepts of Java ranging from Java Basics to Graphics.


Learn the basic concepts of Java and OOPS: Data Types, Variables and Arrays.


Study about classes and objects in detail. Learn what are abstract classes and inheritances.


Get introduced to AWT and learn creating graphical user interface

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