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Become SQL expert with our Mysql Training in Indore. Learn to build, use complex database & management from the beginning.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction
  • Use Syntax of MySQL
  • Create, Drop, Select Databases
  • Use logical operators, manipulating tables/rows/data
  • Performing CRUD and authentication from web applications
  • Create and Drop Table
  • Insert, Select, Update and Delete Query


  • A Computer
  • Basic Knowledge of using a Computer


MySQL is powerful open source Database Management System, Capable of handling a large subset of the functionality of the most expensive and powerful database packages. It works very well with the popular operating systems including Microsoft Windows, the major Linux distributions, UNIX, and Mac OS X and many languages like C, C++, PERL, PHP,  JAVA, etc. It comes with multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL database server.

Whether you are An Application Developer, A Programmer or a Web Developer, you must need to learn MySQL Database. If you don't know much about MySQL yet or if you are new to any database then with this course you’ll learn everything from the basics of MySQL to advance GUI tools.

It is necessary for a developer to be proficient in PHP, PEARL, RUBY, and MySQL as well. If you learn MySQL before learning PHP, Pearl, Python, or Ruby then it will beneficial to quickly understand all these languages.

This MySQL course includes the important topics like:

  • MySQL Server Installation on your Local System
  • Set up and Configure MySQL Database Server
  • Creating a Database using data
  • Managing the Database
  • Producing a systematic database
  • All fundamental for creating a complex database driven application using MySQL

Materials Included with this Course:

  • Course has more than 45 Tutorial Videos and will grow with time
  • Regularly updated material for learning
  • Query solvation session at the end
  • Discussion board to ask question to structure

Why should you choose this course?

  • This course is perfect to start learning about MySQL SQL or Database from scratch.
  • In this course, you will find everything you want to learn to build a database(MySQL) driven application?
  • In-depth demonstration to create the database and write queries.
  • You will able to maintain your database easily without having experience of working with MySQL
  • Most of the concepts you will learn as you practice them and execute in your way for better learning.
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