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Get DynamoDB training in Indore & master AWS SDKs to start using DynamoDB to store large amount of data for the websites.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to DynemoDB
  • Dynamodb RCUs WCUs
  • Dynamodb - How to calculate RCUs?
  • Dynamodb - Eventual Vs Strong consistency
  • Dynamodb - How to calculate WCUs?
  • SQL Vs NoSQL
  • Creating and updating items in Dynamodb


  • A browser and internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of Amazon Web Server
  • Basic Dynamodb knowledge
  • Basic database knowledge


DynamoDB is a fully-controlled NoSQL database service intended to deliver fast performance. The interesting thing is that it uses the Dynamo model in the essence of its design and improves those characteristics. It started as a way to manage website scalability challenges.

This course introduces you to basic DynamoDB concepts which are necessary for creating and deploying a highly-scalable and performance-focused database. It is designed by the experts with years of RDBMS/NoSQL experience. With this course you will gain knowledge on below topics :

  • SQL Vs NoSQL
  • Different types of databases(NoSQL) - document store, Key/value store, graph database
  • Consistency models - Strong Vs Eventual
  • What are RCUs and WCUs?
  • Why RCUs calculation is required?
  • How to calculate WCUs required?
  • Creating items, updating items in Dynamodb
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