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Adobe Illustrator

Get Adobe Illustrator training in Indore to learn essential concepts of designing and skills to create profesional designs.

What will I learn?

  • Overview to  Illustrator
  • How to Navigate documents
  • Create a custom workspace
  • Work with multiple artboards
  • Create and delete layers
  • How to Draw Shapes
  • Transforming objects
  • Adding fills and strokes
  • Work with color
  • Create complex shapes, such as compound shapes
  • Edit graphics


  • A computer with Adobe Illustrator installed


Adobe Illustrator is the world's leading vector illustration software which is being widely used for performing different design tasks. Throughout each of the many lessons, you will learn the core concepts and techniques. This course teaches vector image creation from the beginning which you need to become a professional designer. After becoming easy with the Illustrator's user interface, you will go learn to create complex vector shapes step-by-step.

Our instructor will show you how to work with the interface, and explains every element of Adobe Illustrator, such as workspaces, layers, artboards, and shapes. He will discuss vector graphics—which are composed of paths, fills, and strokes. Also, you will get to know how to create and edit them using the Illustrator drawing tools. The demonstration will teach you to combine and clean up paths and organize artwork into groups and layers.

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