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Adobe Photoshop

Take Photoshop training in Indore.Learn Adobe Photoshop training from scratch & get a job as a graphic designer.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to the tools, panels, and workplace
  • to use Images adjustments
  • How to use Layers, Selections, Typographic Design
  • Vector Drawing and image manipulation Techniques
  • Masks and Channels
  • Use color corrections techniques, grades, filters & effects.
  • Learn to design custom graphics, icons, logos, banners
  • Html to PSD Conversion
  • Preparing Files for the Web


  • You need Photoshop CS5 installed on your computer and a basic understanding of how Photoshop works


Adobe Photoshop is popular graphic design tool which helps designers and editors in their works. You can It turns simple pictures into masterpieces. Its awesome features and versatility made it in popular in the creative world as the best photo editing software program. It is a user-friendly tool that you can use to edit and enhance images.

We have crafted this Photoshop course that will teach you from the basics organizing your files using Adobe Bridge, utilize layers in Photoshop, create and manage color in an image, Selection tools,  creation tools, manipulation tools, and workspace tools. Later you will learn professional graphic designing in Photoshop. This practical course covers the most important photoshop techniques and task-based methods of teaching which is great for newbies and intermediate learners alike.

Here are some important features of Photoshop that you can consider learning it to become a professional graphic designer.

  • You can design Photoshop for web, print, package, animation, texturing.
  • Photoshop is designed to create logos, banners for websites.
  • You can create web layouts using Photoshop to later convert it into a webpage by code using CSS, HTML, etc.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Photoshop or beginner then you can take this course to get complete know graphic design in Adobe Photoshop.

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