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Things You Should Not Post on Social Media

Social media is promptly gaining attention from its users. Already social media attracted billions of users and still enlarging day by day. Few individuals use to add anyone on their friends list without having any information about them while some individual used to make mistakes by sharing every personal thing and for these reasons they get trapped in some serious issues.
Following are the common thing things you must not share on social media
1. Pictures of credit card
Stop making mistakes by posting the photo of your credit card because there are chances of hacking issue, maybe someone on your friend list would be a hacker and start accessing your account without your knowledge. But still, if you are habituated to share pictures of your card on social media then you must crop the number written over it and make sure that no one would get any information.
2.  Driving license photo
Identity theft is one of the biggest issues people are facing. some people make social media as their medium to steal the identity of sharing the photo of your driving license on social media is not secure because when you share it through social media, others may use it for an illegal purpose
3. Your recent location
One of the common mistake people does it that they share their live location on social media and such detail helps thieves to follow you and steal from you. Still, if you want to share location then do it after you move out of your current location
4. Receipts from online shopping
 Some individual love to share receipts online when they buy some expensive gifts and wants to tell everyone but remember even receipts contain some confidential information which can be misused.
5. Details of your vacation
There are many people who like to share information about their vacation on social media, but when you tag such detail online with the popular location then it automatically becomes public. this will add a trick for theives to trace you and steal confidential documents from you.


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