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Major Google Search Algorithm Updates

Nowadays google become much smarter to improve their quality and productivity for better user experience.  That the main reason, it announces lots of updates in each field. Today we will discuss about Google SEO and related update in this blog post.

If we go ahead with SEO then Google uses, it’s an algorithm to provide the ranking of websites in SERP.  But do you know Google has a large history of algorithm updates to renewed its search index?  Google updates its algorithm many times in each year. Some updates are perfectly announced but, in some cases, its suddenly update without any notification to shake up the SERP.

Know about the Google algorithm updates name and its Role and effects with an announced date.

You are SEO experts and consultant then you need to know about these Google algorithm updates to understand the changes that occur ranking on google and organic website traffic that provide you huge impression on the google search.

1. Google Panda Update:- on Feb 23, 2011, Google announced its first algorithm that name is panda update, The main purpose of this update is to focus low-quality website content, keyword stuffing and plagiarism  to reduce the ranking of low-quality content when the website shows up in top position in search results and provide the priority for high-quality website content to improve the ranking website ranking in SERP.

Google Panda updates regularly rolling in every year, that means good quality content website are easy to get high rank on google by the effect of the Panda algorithm.

2. Penguin Update:  Google must deduct the black hat SEO techniques and spammy link are frequently used to improve the search result. In the year 2012 Google has announced another algorithm update for punished the black hat SEO tactics and spammy low-quality backlink. Its name is Penguin update, this penguin algorithm updates effect regularly in real time effects to penalize poor sites.

3. Hummingbird Algorithm Update: - In September 2013, Google announced a new algorithm without sending any notification or update that name is Hummingbird Algorithm update. About this update, only some peoples know about the launch because this update did not affect the search result and website. Its main aim to provide the best result for specific search phases with accuracy.

4. Pigeon Update: - In July 2014, Google announced the first algorithm to focus on local search results and initial its launched in Canada, UK and Australia. The name of this algorithm is Pigeon Update. This algorithm based on local search to find the specific distance and location-related search for improving local ranking.

5. mobile Friendly Update: - For improving the mobile search ranking google launched mobile-friendly update on 21 April 2015 to boost mobile website ranking in mobile search. The main focus of the update is to improve page result and plugin use.

6. RankBrain Update: - In the year 26 oct 2015, Google announced Rank Brain Algorithm Update Which is machine learning system used to help the process of search results in Google for queries based on LIS.

7. Possum Update: - Possum algorithm update is an unconfirmed documented algorithm update applied on 1 Sep 2016. The main impacts of this updates on local finder and local packs results in google. This update focus on local business listings in the SERP.

8. Fred Update: - During 8 March 2018 Google has announced another update it called Fred updates that is another unconfirmed update. This update mainly affects black hat methods that are earning money by using poor ads and dummy websites.

9. Pirate Algorithm: Pirate algorithm intention is a direct violation of the digital millennium copyright Act for google ranking. Announced at 10 Ang 2014.

Conclusion: According to Google SEO community, Google has announced the huge of big and small algorithm updates in a year. But the above mention algorithm updates are mostly affected algorithm updates in google that shakes up the SEO community. We hope this information is so beneficial for you and your SEO tactics.


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