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Well Known Platforms to learn Microsoft Excel Online

Microsoft Office is one of the most helpful tools which is mainly used for writing, editing, presentation and calculation work.  It is no doubt that this is a multi-utility platform.  It is used for all types of business sectors like’s analysts, banking, marketing, accounting and all others. On the internet, there are numbers of Excel tutorials are available which offers complete Excel usage with easy instruction.

We have to write about some well-known resources which will give you in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Here are the lists of websites:-

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

It is one of the most popular platforms to learn excel online because of it’s an official website of Microsoft. A wide range of tutorials collection that covers all topics, data, formats, tables that will help you to learn excel.

In these tutorials, you can easily select the guides according to your current requirements. Some tutorials contain also provide a practical experiment that enables you to get deep knowledge with hands-on experience.

2. GCF

This is another one of the well-known resources to learn excel online. It provides 29 excel tutorial with 5 additional to learn excel basic to advanced level.  Another additional important feature offer is that the instructions come in simple terms with practice. This will boost your knowledge.

Here are some topics that are covered by the website:-

a) Excel 2016 Basics

b) Working with Cells and Sheets

c) Formulas and Functions

d) Working with Data

e) Additional Advantages


3. Excel Exposure

The third one of the best online platform to learn excels online. It offers free online excel training course with video lessons. It covers all topics likes conditional formatting, error checking and macros. It deals with advanced theories too.


Difficult issues tend to cut into simple terms everywhere. This obtains even Visual Basic for Applications simple to learn. But the notable point, Excel Exposure has a huge collection of followers. The models divided into Beginner, Secondary and Advanced levels. A segment on Excel 2013 to is accessible.

4 Contextures

Contextures gives you an excellent way of getting Excel online for free. It has almost everything you need to become a master in Excel. Joined to this, a variation of lessons, example files, and videos support you. All Tips and excel tutorials are available for free of cost.

5. Excel Easy

It is one of the simple platforms to learn Excel online free of cost. Interns will discover it to be effective. The website contains 6 primary topics. The presentation deals with topics such as Range, and Formulas and Functions etc.


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