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Most Useful YouTube Features for Students

YouTube is surely a good source for educational videos that students can use in class. Whether you are looking for content or a general idea inspired by career development and teaching, the YouTube Video Library gives you an overview. YouTube is also a gifted video editor where you can produce and edit your personal videos. It offers all editing features that are usually found in professional video editing software, all for free.

Given the increasing educational potential of YouTube, we have designed a segment in this blog where we share plenty of resources to help you make the best out of this platform in your own teaching. And in Today's post we are highlighting more interesting tips to keep in mind when using YouTube:

1. Create a playlist of your favorite videos

This is a very interesting feature for teachers. You can create playlists of educational videos that you play on YouTube and share them with your students. To create a new playlist

* Click Add to Video

* Enter a name for your playlist

* Decide whether your playlist must be public, private or hidden.

* Click Create

2. Embed videos and playlists

If you have a blog or website in class, you can embed videos and playlists on the platform using the following steps:

A - Here's how to embed a video:

* Click the "Share" link below the video.

* Click the embed link.

* Copy the code provided to the expanded field.

* Paste the code in your website and blogs.

B- How to embed a playlist:

* Click Playlist on the left side of your YouTube page

* Click the title of the playlist that you want to pin.

* Click the "Share" link.

* Click the embed link.

* Copy the embed code that shows in the menu bar.

* Place the code in your webpages or blogs.

3. Videos with text

Text automatically translates verbal content into YouTube videos. Subtitles are only available for videos whose owners have activated this feature, as well as for some videos that are automatically provided by YouTube. The inscription is available in various languages. If your language is not activated, you can automatically choose subtitles that use Google Translate for text.

Here is how to enable auto-translated titles:

* Click on the titles icon at the behind of the video

* Click Options

* Click Translate Captions

* Click to select a language

* Click OK

4. Create and edit annotations

With annotations, you can make your videos more interactive and get more attention from your viewers. With annotations, you can easily add text, links and hotspots to your videos. Here's how you can access annotations and add them to your video:

* Open your channel video manager

* Next to the video you want to edit, click the down arrow to the right of the Edit button and select Annotation

* Click the Add Annotation badge on the right.

* Click Apply Changes when you are finished making annotations.

5. Add subtitles and captions

"Subtitles and captions open your content to a wider audience, including deaf viewers or people who speak languages ??other than those who speak in your video, and also act as metadata that displays your videos to more YouTube locations.

To add a new subtitle or captions to the video:

* Open your video manager.

* Click the drop-down menu next to the video where you want to add subtitles or subtitles next to the Edit button.

* Select subtitles and CC.

* From the drop-down menu, select the most commonly spoken video language and click Set Language.


Note: If you change the settings of the original language of the video, all future translations of the translation will use the new one Language as a source of translation (subtitles published, subtitles and subtitles not affected).

* Click the Add subtitles or CC button.

* Select the language of translation or translation you want to make. You can use the search bar to search for languages ??that are not automatically displayed in the list.

* If you choose the language you have started, you will go directly to the concept and you can add content again.

* Choose how you want to add subtitles or subtitles to your video.

6.  Add audio tracks to your video

You can easily add various songs to your video using the Audio Shift tool. Many of these songs are available in YouTube's free audio library with licensed songs. To add audio tracks to your video

Open your Video Manager page and click the arrow next to Edit the video you want to edit

* Click the Audio button in the drop-down menu

* Select the song by clicking it and displaying your video with the title added

* Search for songs using the search box or search by genre on the Recommended Title tab

* When you have found the desired title, click the "Save" button. A new sound will be attached to your video. Audio recordings can be positioned in certain parts of your video using the audio feature.

7. Tips for YouTube Search

There are some useful features and tips to help us focus our YouTube search and get relevant search results. To get access to one of these features, you must run your YouTube search request and then click "Filter search" on the first page of the search results.

A- Upload date

YouTube allows you to filter your search results based on the upload date. So you can search for videos uploaded to YouTube: the last hour, today, this week, this month or this year.

B- Type search

You can also explore YouTube for one video channels, shows, movies, playlists or videos. To do this, you must choose from the "Type" column that you want to search.

C- Duration

If you search for videos of a certain duration, you can choose them in the Duration column. You can now search for 4 minute or shorter video clips or 20 minute video clips with the YouTube Duration feature.

D- Search for HD videos and 3D videos

In the "Features" column, you can choose the type of video you want to search on YouTube. For example, you can choose to only search for HD movies or subtitle videos, Creative Commons videos, and 3D videos.

E- Arrange Videos

YouTube also gives you 4 different criteria for ranking your YouTube videos. You can sort them by relevance, update date, number of views or rank.


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