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Effective Whatsapp Marketing Tips for all Marketers

Nowadays all social media networks and messenger apps (Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp) covert the way of our discussion, communication and conversations. But in term of business, it’s become one of the most powerful way to reach our potential customers using these technologies. Whatsapp is one of the most popular and usable messenger platforms approx. 80% of mobile users have this messenger platform on their smartphone for different different uses. But in terms of marketers, it is one of the best platforms to promote all types of business services to engaging targeted customers easily.

If you want to know about then effective WhatsApp marketing techniques to boost your online business and generate lots of sales to increase your business revenue. Then this article content is beneficial for you because in the post you will get all the major element which will help you to do WhatsApp marketing easily.

What is WhatsApp marketing?

It is the latest marketing method where digital marketers use different features offer by WhatsApp app to reach targeted customers and clients. Whatsapp is a totally free mobile app that gives you an authority to chat, call and video call with other WhatsApp users without any costs. Using WhatsApp you can easily promote any newly launched business, product and services in front of huge customers to generate sales.

Why do you need to use WhatsApp for business promotion?

As we all know that it most popular messenger platform in the world which have millions of users they daily exchange approx. 60 million messages per days using WhatsApp. So we can easily target our marketing goal and promote the business easily to engaging the customers. Moreover, it also provides you to create a group for any private chat or msg likes the business plan, business proposal, business news, video and promotions within few movements.

Here are the effective essential tips to use WhatsApp for an effective business marketing

Make a customer engaging brand identity for WhatsApp: - The main approach to uses of WhatsApp for promoting the business to create an attractive brand identity you are thinking to use WhatsApp as a promotion tool to reach out to your clients, they should be able to select out your brand quickly. So, you need to build an engaging brand identity that defines your brand with its WhatsApp number. Therefore, people don’t favors to chat with undertaken company names.

Build the huge phone database to give good value: - As mentioned above, if you work as a company or firm then you can't send the message directly to customers for that you need to request from the clients to become their contact before you push them msg. Because for WhatsApp marketing you need your client contact no. once you get the number then need to design an attractive promotional msg and start to send msg to potential customers to gain users for increasing sales.

Another one more important WhatsApp feature help to boost your customer engagement is that its visual voice, visual notes, videos, brochures, website links related to business. It enables you to send these types of content in MSG easily.

Offer relevant contents: - Remember, WhatsApp is a main messaging platform so you need to create short & strong msg for your promotion because WhatsApp has 70% engagement ratio which is higher than Facebook. So you need to offer users, good content on a relevant topic to gives surety that your clients are easily engaged with your business. Few tips to follow for it likes

1. Create a WhatsApp group with targeted customers and clients

2. Give the unique group name

3. Always use your business name in the group title

4. Create your group guideline policies

5. Add your brand or business logo in the group icon.

6. For customers, engagement gives some additional discount, offer, freebies in your promotion msg.

Give fast and easy customer service: - According to WhatsApp opening rate (70). It too high and provide you surety to viral your msg if your client is on WhatsApp with yours. So first thing is that to handle customer queries. You need to give a fast response to your customers when they want to connect with you. Hire a dedicated support person which is always ready to get back to the customers based on traffic. That will help you to attract more customers to boost the sale and revenue.

Customer Research and feedback: - If you want to know about your product and service feedback from your customers or want to make research about your business then WhatsApp is the best medium where you can easily know about your customer requirements, what they want, what the actual requirement in the market and many other things. You can create a feedback form and ask your customers to give their feedback about your product and service, its quality improvements which help you to build your business more likeable.

Conclusion: - In this blog post we have mentioned only some effective WhatsApp marketing tips and ideas which helps you to promote your business in effective ways to make it more popular. But you easily can find more another promotional way which we can use in WhatsApp marketing to promote our businesses.


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