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Know About Node js and Its Features

Node js is a scripting language, provides the cross-platform runtime environment for developing a server-side application. it is an open source, intended to run on a dedicated HTTP server and engage a single thread with one process at a time that runs asynchronously.

As there was a traditional way to receive, process send, wait which has been disfollowed by node js instead it process incoming request and sends request one after the other without waiting.

How does it work?

As I mentioned it is a single thread process that means nodejs application uses a single-threaded event loop model to handle multiple concurrent processes.

Why is nodejs popular?

nodejs is lightweight and efficient due to event-driven and non-blocking input/output model. The vital role is played by non-blocking i/o  that means one process doesn't need to wait for other's response.Good thing is that is when there are two users working together then we can initiate the request for user 2 without wasting time for the response of user 1. Hence we can initiate the request for both users parallelly.

How is it useful?

For desktop application it is quite useful, also it is not limited to pure javascript rather you can use typescript and coffee script which could transpire to javascript.

As I have explained how beneficial is this and demanding one so that if anyone wants to make their career in this field would be a great decision.To build your career your concept regarding the subject must be clear and you must have command related to that language .one must get training in that particular field from the best institute, console dude is one of the best training institutes for learning node js, where you will be trained from high it experts.You will be taught from basics to advance level and trained on the live project so that your concept must be cleared.


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