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Career Opportunities in Web Development

Today an individual has endless career options and it can be a daunting task to finalize it down to the one, that is best suited for you. It is extremely significant that an individual thinks and rethinks before choosing a career path for himself, as the career you choose is not only going to affect your professional but also your personal life. We should always focus on choosing what we are passionate about.

In today’s world, where information is readily available through the internet, everyone wants to be a part of this new world. The opportunities of creating and maintaining websites are numerous and also well paid and so the role of web developer is crucial.

· Who is a web developer?

Web development or web programming largely refers to the tasks associated with developing websites. They can be hosted either on the internet or the intranet.

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, as per the owner's requirements.

This has varied range from creating basic text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications (like Facebook, Linkedin) and electronic business applications (like Amazon, Flipkart).

There are two major divisions of web development:

a. Front-end development (also called client-side development)

b. Back-end development (also called server-side development).

·Is there a difference between a web developer & a web designer?

Yes, a web developer and a web designer are completely two different roles. Though they are used interchangeably but web designing is a subset of the broader category—web development. Web designing includes the aesthetics of a website (the look & feel of it) whereas web development focuses on functionality and technical aspect of the website (error free and dynamic website).

Also, web designers uses software’s like Adobe Photoshop to create the layout & visual elements of the website and on the other hand the web developer takes the website design make it functionally a website using programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Python & others.

· Career in Web Development:

A web developer is in charge for the site's technical aspects, such as its performance and capacity, which are measured by website's speed and how much traffic the site can handle.

3 popular career paths for a web developer are:

a. Front end developer while web design is the way a website looks, front end development is how that design actually gets implemented on the web. Creating user-facing functionality is the job of a front-end developer. Everything from site sees, clicks, or uses to input or retrieve information is the work of the front-end developer who creates client-side software that brings the site’s design to life.

b. Back end developer deals in programming and writes all necessary codes of the website. The programmer grabs data from the database and moulds that data suitably, which is used and displayed via front end to the user.

c. Mean stack developer is a combination of the above 2 points. The growth and requirement of this position is increasing day by day as the companies are able to get front and backend work from a single individual.

· Companies which require web developers:

Today not only software industry but companies of other industries like the below mentioned list also requires web developers as a part of their team:

  1. Business technology companies like Mailchimp, Sales force

  2. Ad tech companies like Tyroo, Adayn

  3. Payments companies like Paytm, PayPal

  4. Media companies like Scoop Whoop, Buzzfeed

  5. Academia - schools like Harvard to build digital libraries

  6. Embedded device companies like Fitbit , Apple

  7. Automotive companies like Ford, Hyundai


· Skills required for getting web developer job:

a.Command over graphically oriented program like HTML, Java and others.

b. Good interpersonal & effective communication skills

c. Customer service skills

d.Detail oriented & concentration

e. Creativity

There are obviously a lot of web development trends that are and will be witnessed in coming years. If you are in development, you need to keep your eyes wide open and update yourself with the changing times as some of these trends will play a major part in your work.


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