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Advantages of Bootstrap to Build Responsive Website

Bootstrap is used for the development of responsive website and mobile first, it is framework in front end for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. One can create bootstrap form, buttons, tables, navigations, models, images etc. with some basic idea of HTML and CSS.

There are some features that make bootstrap intuitive and pleasant to be used.

1.Responsive: - The features of bootstrap are responsive that means that they fit on the screen's size whenever we see the page on the desktop, cell phone, tablets

for example: - A bootstrap form seen on a desktop will change in their size when it is viewed on a mobile phone.

2. Mobile First: - The coding for mobile-first is simpler than a desktop. Usually, there is a focus on designing websites so that it looks best on a large screen, there is an approach made to focus on sites which looks nice on the small screen

3. Browser-friendly: - Bootstrap doesn't perform any discrimination with the browser as it is compatible with every existing browser such as internet explorer, safari, chrome, opera, and Firefox.

4. Easy-to-use: - The best part to go through this language is you just need the very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

5. speed of Development: - one of the major advantages of bootstrap is speed of development. If someone wants to build a website promptly, it’s good to consider bootstrap because it will reduce coding effort by offering the pre-built code rather than structuring the code along with less functionality of CSS. Also, ready-made theme is available in bootstrap which will reduce the time and create your website much faster.

6. Consistency: - The fundamental principles of bootstrap are consistency, though designers, developers work on it, but it still ensures the consistency and across every browser the working and output of the results is same.

Bootstrap Grid system is about creating layout with multiple rows and columns where you can add your content. Bootstrap has predefined classes to build layout rapidly.

As you saw several features and advantages of using a bootstrap that how it helps to make a dynamic website and that also in less time. Day by day it is going to be more demanding one and hence one can choose this to build their career. Today several institutes are available for such training but one of the great platforms from where you can learn this or get complete training is console dude, which is one of the best training institutes in Indore that takes care of student's career, their future and thus designs the course accordingly and provides the best training based on their best-designed course.


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