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Benefits of Android App Development

Google developed a mobile operating system named as Android is based on an updated version of Linux Kernel and open source software is used for designing touchscreen device like smartphone and tab. Later google also developed android tv, android auto, OS for wrist watches.

Being a strong and powerful operating system, Android supports lots of application in smartphones. Those application installed in the smartphone makes the life of user much easier and advanced. A hardware named ARM architecture platform is used which support android. Android provides an android market that contains almost all software. It permits the users to choose and download the application done by third-party developers and use the software. More than 2 lakh application, widgets, and games are available for the user on the android market.

The Android application uses Java programming language and codes are written in Java, also available as open source to develop applications by the developers which they can use later to sell in the android market.

Benefits of Android app development

There are certain benefits of android app development which makes it more demanding and user - friendly. As it is an open source platform performed on Linux. It shows certain advantage like speed scalability and performance. Apart from these let's see some more advantage: -

Customizable User Interface:-   The focus of Google is make user interface more customizable  and easier manage by the users, Being application based on Android are already highly customized but still google works for the developers so that they can create custom apps, along with this also helps the developers so that they add their creative ideas to build  more interactive and innovative app.

Low Investment and High ROI: - The availability of software development kit reduces the cost of development for the developers, this reduces the barrier for the entry into the android. Android development cost comprises three parts and that is development, testing, and deployment. However, developers have to pay for single time registration fee for the distribution of the application, after that they force any computer device to make and perform testing which ensures low investment and engage the application with the users on a large level. Finally, users get an interactive app and take advantage of android app development.


As you saw how important android app development in today’s world is and still growing rapidly in the market, its features are so good and user-friendly that makes it lead. So, one can choose this profession to make their career in this field since several institutes provide training on this language, but console dude is one of the best institutes which provides training on this android app development course where you will be taught from basics to advanced level and get practical knowledge along with theories.


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