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Basis Introduction about Firebase and its Features

There are huge types of server-side technologies are available on the market today, Developers have a difficult job of selecting what types of the backend is most suitable for their application.

In this article post, we will share one of these options that work by the name of Firebase and all its complete tools and services.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a mobile app development platform which helps to build high-quality apps using the penalty of tools and service offered by it and grow their user base and earn more profit.

In short, Firebase manages the backend online aspect for your applications, enabling you to an emphasis on the front-end UI and features. All this is done via a single SDK with easy-to-use APIs and outstanding incorporation into Android Studio room. This eliminates the requirement to create your personal server-side program using PHP and MySQL, or an identical set-up. This is ‘Backend as a Service’ or ‘BaaS’, and basically, this indicates that any person really can make that dedicated public app. It performs with Android apps, iOS apps and web applications and best of all: it’s absolutely free!

Are there any causes not to use Firebase? Sure. One disadvantage of Firebase is that it implies depending on a third-party option. If Google must ever give up Firebase, then you’d be pushed to move your data and restore your app, which could be fairly a headache. It appears to be unlikely right now, but it’s something you should generally keep in mind.

Firebase Services

Firebase Services can be divided into two groups:


1. Develop & test your app

2. Grow & engage your audience

1. In Develop & test your app part below things you can find.

a. Real-time Database

b. Auth

c. Test Lab

d. Crashlytics

e. Cloud Functions

f. Firestore

g. Cloud Storage

h. Performance Monitoring

i. Crash Reporting

j. Hosting

2. Grow & engage your audience

* Firebase Analytics

* Invites

* Cloud Messaging

* Predictions

* AdMob

* Dynamic Links

* Adwords

* Remote Config

* App Indexing

In this article post, I have added only a basic introduction to the firebase and its features. But in our next post about firebase will write brief details with some examples for better understanding the firebase.

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