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Advantages of getting Firebase for Mobile Applications Development

Are you searching for the best possible solution to engage your business using mobile app development? Firebase is one of the well-known platforms offers flexible, user-friendly and app development services. Because firebase is the best mobile backend as a service gives multiple solutions to run your IOS and Android mobile application successfully. It also provides the power to keep your business on high-quality app development services.

Basic Introduction about Firebase and its Features >> Read More

Here are some benefits of having firebase for app development.

1. Google Analytic: - Google analytic for firebase has become so useful because it provides free and unlimited reporting performance for 500 different events. You can now significant user properties, specific events or can develop your own personalized events for your enterprise. These days Firebase supports a variety of platforms such as android, iOS, C++, and Unity.

With increasing the competences in the app development sector, it is so important to keep track of your product performance and optimize it according to the market. Firebase also offers you services such as Google Adwords, Real-time performance, notifications, deep link performance, crash data and much more using Google analytics.

2. Real-time Database Synchronize

Firebase real-time data synchronize means you can save and sync data using with NoSQL cloud database.  In another point of view, When an individual goes offline using your mobile application then data is still available all above all customers in real time. Combining the Firebase the Real-time Database SDKs permits you to build rich, collaborative and secure data within the client. It helps the developer to get many benefits from a real-time database is that they no need to use any complex backend service.

3. Web Hosting Fast and Secured

The Benefits of Web Hosting Firebase offers you to set up a single page web application, a mobile app landing page and accelerating web apps with simplicity. With the support of SSD-backed web hosting, you can produce data fast around the world.

Custom domains can get free SSL certificates for each and every site launch and developers can extend web applications as well as static contents at Content Delivery Network with the single command.

4.  Cloud Firestore NoSQL Document Database

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document gives you the real-time database that instantly stores, secure and query data for your web application and mobile apps all around the world. You can change data in your personal style by the help of cloud firestore such as documents and collections. Unique authorities can be developed using this functionality and can simply retrieve from NoSQL Document Database via queries.

These days, Serverless apps is a different concept implemented by Cloud Firestore so a document can transports with web and mobile SDKs without using your actual own server. Your clients can modify their data at any time even if they are offline. Cloud Firestore can Sync that data next on. Powerful user based security become the user safety authentication and can restrain data access depends on user identity data.

5. Advanced Cloud Messaging

Using firebase you can easily send any MSG or notification to any device that has connected with your server and device through cloud massing service. This advanced message helps you to send target msg to your audience that are a specific topic, segments etc.

In addition, by the help of firebase, you can send custom notification or msg likes, customs data, sound and expiration data immediately or can easily schedule it at your users according to local time. If you think that it is required excellent coding skill then it's not required for sending notifications because this service is totally free integrated with firebase analytic. You can try the A/B testing for targeted versions and select which version is best according to your needs.

6. Numerous-Platform Authentication with Firebase

Are you seeking a secure option which can deliver you multiple signs In Features? Secure platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Github and a lot more. Firebase Authorization offers an easy Sign-In approach for a business like your own. Your consumers can now safely sign in via websites they trust. Firebase Authorization system was created by a similar team that applied Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, and Chrome Password Administrator so no bargain from the security factor of view.

7. Machine Learning Mobile Applications Development with Firebase ML-Kit

These days with increasing requirements of Machine Learning dependent Mobile Apps Development, which can have features like recognizing text, face recognition, bar code reading, Images labelling, landmarks recognition, and almost everything that related to Machine Learning. Firebase ML-Kit offers you both on-device and Cloud APIs that can work even there’s no network connection. If you have a concept about your own Machine Learning dependent custom model, you can provide your idea and they will take care of web hosting and serving to your mobile application.

8. Free Firebase Dynamic hyperlinks

Dynamic links are Good URLs that allows you suggest your app to current or possible users such as your close friends and family to any area inside your mobile app. Firebase transforms your mobile web customers to native app users via dynamic hyperlinks. You can build your app popular by sending smart URLs.

9. Boost profits of your organization by App Indexing

Firebase is connected up with Google, so now it’s feasible to simply viral your organization with the support of Firebase expert services. Firebase involves your mobile app hyperlinks to Google search so anyone can seek for content relevant to your organization can discover on Top. So how you can increase your position on Google Search? It’s simply because of Firebase App Indexing API, You can really improve the ranking efficiency for your apps hyperlinks. Android Instant Apps allows to obtain content and bring up your rank so new users can discover it quickly.

10. Increase your application quality by Firebase Crashlytics

Do your application suffer due to irritating issues or your app reviews? However, you can enhance and focus on your app balance issues via Firebase Crashlytics. Firebase instantly pinpoints the origin trigger of failures by reporting to repairs bugs at the fast speed and simplicity. Developers and QA testers can get real-time signals for new concerns whether it is the app edition, the system or the OS.

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