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Take this PHP Training to learn all concepts of PHP and popular CodeIgniter framework with live projects, practicals & exercises.

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to PHP programming
  • Basics elements of PHP programming
  • how to code in the PHP Programming Language
  • Using popular PHP Frameworks


  • Basic knowledge of programming will be beneficial.


In this PHP course, you'll learn to use PHP for website development by understanding the basic concepts. PHP is being widely used because of its great documentation. The process of learning PHP from the basics will be very enjoyable and beneficial your career.

The course is focused to make it is easy for you to understand every single concept quickly. You'll learn the important PHP programming fundamentals like:

  • Variables & Data type
  • Operators & Expression
  • Basic Syntax
  • Decisions & Loops
  • Arrays
  • Functions and more.

PHP frameworks changed the website completely and these frameworks become the most important element of website development. Learning PHP framework becomes a necessity for every PHP developer. Using frameworks, A large amount of development time can be reduced as it provides effective tools like abstraction layers, input sanitization and much more.

We have included the CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks in this course. At Console Dude PHP Training Center we teach you how to use PHP to build websites that are easy to run and hassle free to operate. All Basics of PHP will with usage example like if else, switch, while loop, array, sessions, functions etc.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Scripting & Dynamic Websites

Introduction to Open Source

Installation of XAMPP and WAMPP

PHP Programming Basics

Embedding PHP in HTML

Introduction to PHP Variable, Operators

if, else if and else if conditions


while Loop, do Loop, for Loop

PHP Functions & Array

Form: Get & Post Method

Setting Cookies, deleting Cookies

Dates and Times

Introduction to Database - SQL, MySQL Database

Basic Concepts of Codeigniter

Controllers, Views, Models, Helpers, Libraries, Using Static Files

Using the Database

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